Our fresh roasted, premium gourmet coffee is a smooth, medium, full bodied blend made from the top 2% Arabica beans that insures it to have extraordinary flavor and aroma.
The beans are freshly ground moments before our baristas make your espresso drink.
For home brewing, be sure to purchase a 12oz bag today! Available in whole beans or ground.


Latte  ~ Rich espresso topped with steamed milk with a small amount of foam
Cappuccino  ~ Espresso, steamed milk and a silky layer of foam
Mocha  ~ Steamed milk with rich chocolate & espresso
White Chocolate Mocha  ~ Sweet Ghirardelli white chocolate, espresso and steamed milk
Breve  ~ Creamy steamed half and half combined with rich espresso
Americano  ~ Rich espresso with hot water; European style coffee
Espresso  ~ Our special blend of rich coffee beans used to create a smooth bold shot
Cappuccino Coffee Espresso Rapid City, SD
Mocha Coffee Shop Rapid City

Specialty Drinks

Caramel Silk ~ A white chocolate delight accented with caramel
White Elephant ~ Spunky mix of white chocolate, vanilla, and Irish cream
Smores ~ Espresso combined with rich chocolate, marshmallow & cream brulee
Snickers ~ A chocolatey espresso treat with caramel and hazelnut
Nutty Irishman ~ Smooth espresso mixed with a fun combo of hazelnut and Irish Cream
Cloud 9 ~ Rich caramel, vanilla & espresso


The healthy choice in Blended Ice Drinks. A far superior product in many ways… Non-Fat, very low in calories, very rich and creamy, and can be combined with fresh rich Espresso! YOGUCCINO is all fresh and natural, not a powder mix.
Specialized drinks are only limited by your imagination!  For several fun ideas to start you out, just add one or more of the following to create your own customized drink:
Chai for a spicy Chai delight
Shots of fresh espresso for a fabulous “Frozen Coffee Fest”
Sweet White Chocolate or Delicious Dark Chocolate for a mocha dream
Sweet and tart fruit flavor syrups
Any specialty syrup combination!!
Wild Jet Smoothie Rapid City

Coffee Alternatives

Italian Soda  ~ Soda water, sweet flavored syrups & cream, topped with fluffy whip cream.
Chai Tea Latte  ~ Spicy Chai Tea combined with steamed silky milk
Flavored Steamer ~ Steamed milk flavored with a variety of premium syrups.
Hot Chocolate ~ Rich and famous hot chocolate topped with whipped cream
Numi Organic Tea ~ Fair Trade certified non-GMO teas in various flavors
Matcha Latte ~ Sweet Japanese Green Tea Matcha with a unique blend of grassy notes & creamy sweetness.
Maui Fruit Smoothies ~ Made from 100% all natural fruit puree with no preservatives
Red Bull Infusion~ We infuse Red Bull with delicious flavors for a refreshingly crisp drink
Black Hills BLAST~ Lotus is a plant based energy concentrate made from a blend of coffee fruit (cascara), green coffee beans, super fruits, lotus flower extract, and a few other select botanicals. We infuse Lotus with delicious flavors for a healthier energy BLAST!

Black Hills Blend Premium Decaf

Our delicious premium quality decaffeinated coffee is specially processed with a heat soluble decaffeinator before roasting to maintain the same full, rich flavor without any remnant of that unpleasant “decaffeinated” taste.

Try any of our espresso drinks with our premium decaf or for home brewing, be sure to purchase a 12oz bag today! Available in both whole bean or ground.

Americano Coffee Espresso Rapid City